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Journal writings of Isaac Newton – a gathering of notes and short essays that Newton composed from the mid 1660s until the early 1670s. These writings shed light on Newton’s earliest discoveries. The breadth of subjects in which he was interested is impressive. Most of the notes concern mathematics. We find also some notes on optics, tables of fixed stars, and the laws of motion, as one would expect given Newton’s best-known discoveries of this period. Less obvious are annotations on inheritance laws, anatomical drawings of the optical and auditory systems of (possibly) a small rodent and the eye of a bird, and the subdivision of the intervals in the musical scale.

The most important items in Add. 3968 constitute the so-called ‘October 1666 Tract on Fluxions’, Newton’s first attempt to systematize his discoveries on calculus, and the calculations on the Moon’s motion that might also be related to the famous story of the falling apple.

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