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The Flammarion is a woodcut engraving by an unknown artist, so named because its first documented appearance is in Camille Flammarion’s 1888 book L’atmosphère : météorologie populaire.

The print depicts a man, clothed in a long robe and carrying a staff, who is at the edge of the Earth, where it meets the sky. He kneels down and passes his head, shoulders, and right arm through the star-studded sky, discovering a marvellous realm of circling clouds, fires and suns beyond the heavens. One of the elements of the cosmic machinery bears a strong resemblance to traditional pictorial representations of the “wheel in the middle of a wheel” described in the visions of the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel. The caption that accompanies the engraving in Flammarion’s book reads:
‘A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch…’

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Lucis Aeterna is a curious curation of alchemical symbolic art and emblems from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and 19th Century Art Deco – with styles ranging from Boho to Gothic.

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